Migrate from CLI to Web-UI?

I’ve been running from the CLI. I would like to migrate to the webui. Is this possible? it seems as if it wants to setup a new backup at my b2 bucket.

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See here:

Thanks. I had seen that, but it wasn’t clear if this was still the case. If I understand correctly, there is no current migration path?

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@Chris currently you can’t directly import a repository running the CLI into the web edition. You’ll need to create a new storage and then a new backup to that storage. However, when you run the backup in the web edition it will pick up where it was in the CLI.

Oh ok. Thanks! The id should be different, correct? ie instead of mycomputer, I’d use mycomputer-web or similar?

Hello, I was going to reply to the Duplicacy web ui thread but it is closed.

I’m presently using duplicati on OMV4 with Arm64 Debian Stretch.

I would like to move from duplicacti to duplicacy web ui. I’m wondering if for accessing the Duplicacy web ui, do I need to install the cli and web ui versions? Or, should users just install one, such as the web ui here? Can the web ui version (currently only arm version; stable on arm64?) be used in conjunction with OMV 4?

Is this a typo? If not: duplicati is in no way compatible with any version of duplicacy. These are two entirely different projects.

Yes, I know they are different projects. I was mostly wondering if there would be any conflict with OMV. I downloaded the regular arm binary and it works, but you have to change the ip address when accessing from a different device.

Hopefully in the future there will be an ARM64 build for the web ui … or a way for idiots like myself to build it on our ARM64 boxes.

I’m not following. So just to reiterate: duplicacy and duplicati have absolutely nothing to do with each other and are not compatible with each other at all.

I think @Poincare is just concerned there might be a conflict of the two software on the same hardware + OMV, perhaps running at the same time - not that they want them to work together or be compatible.

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This seems pretty clear to me. I assume they are running on a headless rpi or something, and are confused if the web-ui is in addition to the CLI. I also had this confusion.

No, the web-ui binary has (afaik) all the backup functionality built in. You do not need both.

not that I’m aware of.

I understand Duplicacy is not related to Duplicati. As I said, I would like to move from Duplicati (which I was using) to Duplicacy (which I am now using, trialing). I have installed the Linux ARM32 binary on my OMV box. Duplicacy is running fine now. Hopefully ARM64 users get a web edition, too. :smiley:

I also see after running the web ui binary that it automatically downloads the CLI version. So, that does not need to be downloaded or installed, which was also part of my concern.

As well, none of the Duplicacy web edition stuff seems to interfere with OMV, which is great!