Migrate from Google Drive Filestream to API

Hi, I’ve been using Duplicacy for over a year now, but recently Google Drive Filestream has started claiming that it’s uploading chunks, but never does, leading to checks failing. This is my only Windows computers, and all of the other ones use the API, which doesn’t lie about uploading chunks when it actually hasn’t done so. I’ve tried troubleshooting GDFS to no avail, so I’d just like to switch to what works elsewhere.

What do I need to do to migrate between different storage backends that have the exact same data in them already, without losing any of my (existent) backups?

If data have been synced between two storage backends, all you need to do is to add the new storage via the add command (for the CLI). If you’re using the web GUI, add the new storage and then create a new backup with the new storage as the destination. Just remember to use the old repository/backup id otherwise the revision number will start from 1.