Missed scheduled operations and metered connections

Is there a way to make a backup run prior to next schedule if it was missed prior? I checked my wife’s latop and it is set to daily but hasn’t backed up for 3 days as I’m assuming the laptop happened to be off or asleep at the scheduled time. I’d rather not have to make it run every 4 hours or hourly in order to ensure it actually runs, but I’m not sure if I have any other choice.

Related, in my situation, is there a way to make duplicacy NOT backup when on metered wireless connections? My wife takes her laptop to the park and hotspots off her phone and I would prefer it not backup over the cell data when she is tethered/hotspotting.


If you are using command line duplicacy to backup both your requirements can be easily satisfied:

Both launchd (on macOS) and task scheduler (on Windows) support flexible scheduling configuration where the skipped task due to sleep can be configured to run on the next wake or where the machine can be awakened to run the task.

Checking for power source (to e.g. throttle when running on battery) or cancelling the backup if metered connection is detected can also be done as part of the scheduler script.

I have implemented something similar for myself on macOS to throttle duplicacy when running from battery — this is a subset of things described here Configuring duplicacy CLI on macOS with SIP enabled | Trinkets, Odds, and Ends

With webUI you can do only what’s supported in the UI or that can fit into prebackup script — for example you can abort backup if metered connection is detected when backup is launched — which is not sufficient if you ask me as it is not impossible to roam to metered connection after a (long) backup started; you want periodic monitoring.