Monitoring, logs

I am looking for a good setup to monitor duplicacy (web edition). some questions:

  1. We have the option to send a ping (in my case to when the backup is completed. does this only happen when it completed successfully or does it also ping when it fails

  2. we have the option to send an email after a scheduled run. here I also miss a way to only send on success or failure.

  3. also: can we have some authentication options for the smtp server we use

  4. and, finally, wouldn’t it be more practical to put the smtp server settings into settings and only the email parts (to, subject) into the options for the specific task?

It will only ping when the backup is executed. You have to configure the time parameters in Healthchecks so that it notifies you when a backup has not been performed.

A workaround:

Sure! And much more practical. After all, the configuration of the email sending server is unique, it does not need to be repeated for each job. This has already been commented on here but I can’t find the post.