Moving Duplicacy to a new computer, best method?

I’m a big fan of duplicacy, one of my favourite programs that keeps all my computers and family members backed-up.

I wanted to sense check the best way to move duplicacy webgui from my old computer (pc) to my new one (newpc).

License plan:
In the account dashboard, update the hostname to newpc

Back-up configurations Methods:

  1. I’m happy to start creating new revisions from scratch, which would involve deleting all revisions under pc (using prune command to prune each revision) then remove the id pc.
    Install duplicacy on newpc and manually recreate the new backups and schedules in the webgui.
  2. I can change the name of newpc to pc and I believe I can copy the setting files to the new computer and as the names are the same it will simply pick-up from when it has left of, backing up My Docs and My Pictures?

Which would be the simplest method to follow?

Either way should work. I personally would recreate backups and schedules on the new computer. However, I would suggest against pruning all revisions from the old pc – you can leave them in the storage and you might need to access some old files.

Thanks very much gchen. It was a lot simpler that I was expecting.

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