Moving from Wasabi west to Wasabi east

Hey guys,

There’s been several mentions of Wasabi West being incompatible with Duplicacy. I’ve recently hit a point where I get TLS errors during prune like a few other posts on this forum. The typical solution is to move from West to East. Now, I just need someone here to confirm that this plan will work. The plan is:

  1. use Wasabi Explorer to copy the folder that I use from West to East.
  2. modify .duplicacy-web\repositories\localhost\all.duplicacy\preferences to point all the links from us-west to us-east.

Will this be sufficient? Is there anything else I should do? Thank you.

this file is generated by UI, any changes there will be overwritten.

Instead, you need to delete the west storage in the web UI and add east storage with the same name

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