Moving Scheduled jobs

Cosmetically want to order (move) the scheduled jobs from how the order they were created on the schedule page. If you click on the job you have the option to move up or down or delete a job. I want to move it and keep it on that page. The dialogue shows the arrows and the X to delete but no function to move or drag the jobs. Using a Brave (Chrome) browser on Mac as Safari does not allow this either. Can you advise on the movement of jobs on the scheduled page? Thanks

Can you move up or down jobs to change their orders in a schedule?

I gather you want to change the order that the various scheduled jobs appear on the page. Not the backups within the schedules.

Don’t know if this would work. But what about stopping Duplicacy and changing the order of the schedules in the file ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy.json.

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I have identified the duplicacy.json file and made note to stop the container and edit assuming that I have an editor to view and rearrange the entries. My next question then is why put arrows let alone X to delete and it seems to not do anything but again what ifs are irrelevant. So can not do much when container is running as presentation of the arrows and delete are only available on WebGUI and running start first.

that is exactly where I am talking about. On the schedule page from Web GUI…your presented with up and down and delete options when you select the job. These arrows saying as you float them Move Up / Down Job do not work. I have clicked on them and then no action follows. No movement on page…no drag on page…and that is why I am asking as I just want to clean up it ordering on the schedule page.

Arrows move/re-order jobs within the same schedule, you need more than one job per schedule to see that. These arrows do not re-order schedules as schedules sequencing is determined by their times.

On the money my friend. Thanks for the explain and that satisfies me totally. I even say it makes sense but now I know. Thanks a bunch again