Multiple 'nobackup_file' entries supported?

Is it possible to use multiple “nobackup_file” entries in the preferences file? If so, how do you define multiple entries? Something like this?

“nobackup_file”: [".duplicacy-ignore", “.duplicacy-ignore-local”]

My use case for wanting this is that I backup the same drive both to the cloud and to a spare local drive. I would like to have 3 different possible “nobackup_file” options to define directories that I want to be ignored when backing up only to the cloud, only to a local drive, and regardless of where I am backing up to. For example, my preferences file for my cloud backups might look like this:

“nobackup_file”: [".duplicacy-ignore", “.duplicacy-ignore-cloud”]

And my preferences file for my local backups might looks like this:

“nobackup_file”: [".duplicacy-ignore", “.duplicacy-ignore-local”]

Hopefully I made that clear enough. Somehow I doubt the “nobackup_file” option supports multiple entries but I just thought I would ask to be sure. Thanks!

Right, there can only be one “nobackup_file” entry.