Multiple respository CLI backup. Can you check my work?

It took a while to piece these together using the init, add, and copy pages, as well as the examples scattered throughout the forum. Can anyone look this over and tell me if I’ve overlooked anything? I made sure to include storage and repository names to reduce my own confusion.

I want a local networked backup > bit identically copied to Dropbox > bit identically copied to Google Drive. Is there anything I’ve overlooked besides pruning? Would some multi-threading flags improved performance? Are the default chunk sizes appropriate for 100gb+ backups?

The two batch files:

#setup initialization
cd "C:\Users\User\Desktop"
duplicacy init -e -storage-name Local Local-Desktop "\\computer\duplicacy\user"
duplicacy add -e -copy Local --bit-identical Dropbox Dropbox-Desktop dropbox://duplicacy//user/
duplicacy add -e -copy Local --bit-identical GDrive GDrive-Desktop "H:\My Drive\duplicacy\user"

#daily scheduled run
cd "C:\Users\User\Desktop"
duplicacy backup -stats
duplicacy copy -from Local -to Dropbox
duplicacy copy -from Local -to GDrive

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Do the commands do what you want them to do? If not, what’s not working?

Probably. There are quite a few topics on multi-threading on the forum. Did you try searching for “-threads”?

The backup size is irrelevant when determining the chunk size. There are also a number of topics on this. For a general understanding of how duplicacy works, see this. What’s more important, though, is whether you should use variable or fixed chunk size. See here.

Regarding “multi-repository”, I’m not sure how your setup is multi-repository. Did you mean #multi-storage?