Naming Convention Suggestions [for Storage, Backup ID, Schedule Name]

I’ve now got 4 instances of Duplicacy (one still on Trial) and each time i seem to wrap myself in a knot with my choice of names for Storage, Backup ID & Schedule Name.

What do other people use out there? Do you manage to be consistent?

Storage names - after target: Amazon, Backblaze, NAS.
Backup ids - after content: music, documents, users
Schedule names - irrelevant, they need to be autogenerated, but until then: schedule1, schedule2, etc.

Don’t overthink it.

In fact, I had one backup destination, one backup ID and one schedule for entire machine with 4 users with 5TB of data. No reason to micromanage. Destination was called google, backup ID was called backup and schedule was called schedule.

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Got it :smiley: