Native GUI v2.1.2 - Scheduling bug?



I think there is a bug in the scheduling in the native GUI v2.1.2 for Win10 x64 Pro.

On one of my PCs I am running the native GUI v.2.1.1 and setup up a schedule to run every 1 hour. If I restart the PC or quit Duplicacy and then restart Duplicacy, the schedule will remember and keep running at 1 hour intervals.

On another PC I have installed the latest native GUI v2.1.2 and also set up a 1 hour schedule. However on this PC with v2.1.2, after I restart the PC or quit Duplicacy and restart Duplicacy, the hourly schedule is forgotten and will not start until the trigger time, which say, could be many hours in the future.

Has anybody else noticed this or can confirm it.
Or have I installed the v2.1.2 somehow incorrectly?



You may be describing an issue, in which I also discovered, whereby if you set the start time in the middle of the day and Duplicacy GUI only just started up, but the hourly scheduled is meant to wrap around past midnight, it doesn’t run for the first part of that day. amiright?

Solution: Set the start time to midnight (or 15/30/45-past midnight whatever your fancy). :slight_smile:

I know, seems silly, but it makes sense in a weird way. If you set an hourly job, the ‘start hour’ should be ignored, as it’s meant to wrap around regardless. (Dunno if the new web edition deals with the properly.)


Thanks for your reply.

I had the schedule set to trigger at 13:30. I just changed it to 00:30 (after midnight) and now the schedule will run every hour.

Your description is correct and your solution worked. Thanks