Need help with Caddy / Caddyfile

Hi, does anyone have a working Caddyfile example for https? I have tried a few things but can’t it to work. I have kopia up and running using this solution by passing tls and tls_insecure_skip_verify but no joy so far with Duplicacy

Current Caddyfile entry:

duplicacy.{MY_DOMAIN} {

Current settings file:

    "listening_address": "",
    "https_address": ":3876",
    "https_domain": "duplicacy.{MY_DOMAIN}"

Maybe try http on the client side?

Thanks, but it’s specifically https I want to get working, not plain http

You will talk to caddy over https. Caddy will talk to duplicacy over http.

Read this: Reverse proxy quick-start — Caddy Documentation

Depending on your circumstances, you may be actually better served by cloudflare zero trust platform. Then you would be able to reach duplicacy UI from anywhere, with cloudflare taking care of certificates, routing, authentication, and security, without the need to mess with your firewall.

Sometimes things really are staring you in the face… You’re right just changing it to http:// locally in the Caddy file was sufficient to get it working :roll_eyes:

Thanks for pointing that out!

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Everything seems obvious in a hindsight :slight_smile:

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