New Revisions and Activities graphs blank on Dashboard

My backups seem to be running and I’m able to restore files. But the " New Revisions" chart and “Activities” graph on the Dashboard shows no data. The Storage chart shows a solid line around the 410GB mark.

In the duplicacy_web.log, I do see a lot of calls like:
2023/01/09 17:31:00 Failed to parse the stats file /home/jed/.duplicacy-web/stats/schedules/Daily.stats: unexpected end of JSON input

It turns out that Daily.stats file is empty (zero bytes).

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Did you run a check job? If you add a check job to your current schedule, the check job will populate that stats file once it is done.

I do have a check job at the end of my schedule. Here’s what my full schedule looks like:

Is there something else I should add/change?

You’ll need to remove the Daily.stats file for both graphs to rebuild (previous data are lost). I think this is a bug caused by multiple jobs trying to update the same file at once. I’ll fix it in the next release.

Huzzah, that seems to have fixed it! After removing the zero-byte Daily.stats file and doing a backup, I see data on the Revisions and Activities on my Dashboard. Thanks!

Should I set my backup jobs to not run in parallel until the next release?

Yes, I think if backup jobs are run in sequential then this bug should not occur.