New user licensing question


I’m considering Duplicacy for backing up a small collection of Linux servers to BackBlaze B2.

These are primarily web staging / test / live servers. They each have a root account, of course, plus developer accounts, web server accounts, and specific process accounts that do data processing.

I’m confused by the licensing statement on GitHub - gilbertchen/duplicacy: A new generation cloud backup tool. Do I need a CLI license for every human who is involved, or for every system “user” account that’s writing files?

This is the difference between 2 CLI licenses per server and 10+ CLI licenses per server, so it is rather significant!



You will find a more detailed explanation here:


I read that as well, but am still confused by the conflicting definitions of “user.”

In the page you reference, the definition is “The CLI licenses are per user. A CLI license grants the license holder the rights to install and run the CLI version of Duplicacy on any computers.” which I interpret as a human user who sets up the software and scripts to schedule running it. I do now see that the CLI license covers multiple servers, which I didn’t understand before.

On the GitHub license clause, the definition is “A user is defined as the computer account that creates or edits the files to be backed up; if a backup contains files created or edited by multiple users for commercial purposes, one CLI license is required for each user.” If my web server running as the “apache” user creates files, and a “developer” account that checks out/modifies source files, and all these files get backed up, it seems that that counts as two users in this definition.

Perhaps I’m just overthinking this, but I would want to be in compliance!


The CLI license was designed to be per user. If you there isn’t a clear notion of user, or if the number of users is too high, you can get the GUI license instead, which is per machine. There is a clause in the GUI license that allows you to run the CLI on a GUI-licensed machine without limitations.


Similar question about licensing. I have 8 machines between myself, my wife, my 2 kids, my brother and my mom. We were using crashplan. I would like the GUI version as my users are non-technical. I’m now using backblaze B2 and Dropbox for cloud storage.

  1. i’m assuming my cost would $20 + 7 x $10 or $90 for the first year, and $5 + 7 x $2 or $19 for each subsequent year. Is this correct? i.e. i cannot use a GUI license on more than one machine.
  2. does the license actually expire at the end of the license period, and the software stops working? or if i do not renew, do i just lose support for that machine?
  3. If i don’t renew a license before it expires, can i still renew afterwards for the same $2 or $10?
  4. are the licenses for the “first” machine and additional machines somehow different?