New Web UI - Won't accept any "backup ID" entry?

Have a paid license for Duplicacy - tried to upgrade from GUI to Web version - decided to just start over, since I don’t see a way for it to just convert over the jobs. Went to add new backups - and it will not allow me to type anything in for “Backup ID” - even just basic characters, no spaces or anything, results in a “please match the requested format” popup. This is in Chrome/Windows, latest.

Also, I am not sure what “Copy Compatible” means when initializing storage, and could not find explanations. It seems like the web interface could do with some helpful tips along the way :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for any advice/feedback.

For the first part, related to the problem of characters in Backup ID field, I will leave it to someone with more experience in the web-GUI version.

For the second part:

you can find something in the Guide:

If you want to use the copy command (now or in the future), you want to have that checked.

The “please match the requested format” popup is only informational – it doesn’t mean that the current input is invalid.

Thanks for replying. It appears to keep the next button greyed out though, so I can’t proceed.

Nevermind, its lets me proceed.