Newbie needs help

Hi all,

Looking for a backup solution for my NAS and came across Duplicacy. I have a few questions.

My NAS is headless running Debian 11 and I’m wondering if there is a setup guide I can follow. I note you just copy the file to the Server and run it and it will open a browser, if available, and make a port available for the GUI. Is this port configurable?

Would it be better to run it in a docker container? I already have several containers running so one more should not be an issue.

As you can tell I need a bit of guidance, so any you can throw my way would be appreciated.


Hi, i think the best if you use a headless nas on linux (Debian 11) is to use duplicacy-cli instead of duplicacy web edition. It will be much more practical to integrate it into backup scripts.

Why? GUI is web based, so there are absolutely no issues running it on headless installations. It also has internal scheduler for tasks.

You can use one of the containers floating around, but AFAIK none are official (you can obviously roll your own if you want). If you don’t use containers, a better way to setup would be to make a systemd service for the web executable. Or you can run it manually or via cron, it’s a daemon so only really needs to be run once per restart unless it fails somehow (or needs to be updated).

Listening port is configurable in the web settings, or directly in settings.json under .duplicacy-web.

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Thanks for your reply, setting it up as a systemd service sounds like the way to go. Thanks again.

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