No previous backup found.... i keep seeing and i dont know what to do


20:51:37.109 Storage set to b2://WIMserver1Share
20:51:43.218 No previous backup found
20:51:43.218 Indexing D:
20:51:43.218 Loaded 10 include/exclude pattern(s)
20:52:09.031 Listing all chunks

it starts over every day


Is there a complete backup? Do you find any files under the snapshot directory in the bucket?


i see what happens… i have it on a schedule to backup once an hour…

I kinda thought it would do the full backup first and then switch over…

what happens is either when the one of the server VSS jobs run or something else that calls VSS the duplicacy backup fails and just ends up failing hourly until it finally can start again

so im going to turn the schedule off and see what happens…

this is an bastardized SBS machine that pretty much does nothing but file and print services


Is there a complete backup?
Ah, so that’s what it means: “No previously completed backup found”. I see!

I wonder if that could be made clearer? Admittedly, printing “No previously completed backup found” is not very sexy. “No completed backup found” sounds better but opens up for other misunderstandings. To say “previously” is helpful.

Hm, if duplicacy is currently only checking the snapshots folder, maybe it could also check the chunks folder and if it finds something there, it could mention that? Oh, no, that don’t work because the chunks may well be from some other repository backed up to the same location.

What about “No previous backup has been completed for this repository”? It is a bit less low level because it assumes that since it didn’t find a snapshot, there is no backup, but I think that’s an ok assumption to make. And it adds some extra information by clarifying that this (of course) concerns the current repository.

I think changing the message in that direction could help avoid some confusion among new users (who are also the ones most likely to get this message) who may well have been backing up for days already (but without reaching completion. Word to Bird’s scenario is just one out of many possible ones.


I like “No previous backup has been completed for this repository”. It is definitely more informative than “No previous backup found”.