Not being asked for password when using -e


Hi, I have an existing encrypted backup on B2 and need to re-initialize the repository on my local machine in the hope that I can continue with a differential backup.

Hence, I tried the init command trying to link to the existing B2 bucket.

[/share/qr] # /share/GO-PROJECT/bin/duplicacy -v init -e qr b2://duplicacy-qr
Enter Backblaze Account ID: 1234
Enter Backblaze Application Key: 1234
Failed to load the Backblaze B2 storage at b2://duplicacy-qr: Authorization failure

But I’m not asked for the backup password… why that? Or, how to init the local repository to work with the existing backup?


Ha, just found out that the Application Key was wrong… Sorry, for the fuzz…


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