Notification email is missing "Date" header

Please describe what you are doing to trigger the bug:

  • Duplicacy Web Edition 1.4.1 running in Docker (saspus/duplicacy-web)
  • Shedule with “send email after completion”
  • (configured server is a local postfix as mail-relay)

Please describe what you expect to happen (but doesn’t):
The mail notification arrives at the destination and shows the date and time of dispatch in the mail client.

Please describe what actually happens (the wrong behaviour):
The mail notification arrives, but the client (Thunderbird) shows the date and time of when he fetches the mail from the server.

When inspecting the mail header in Thunderbird, there is no “Date”-attribute to be found, which should hold the date/time of dispatch.

I’m not 100% sure my relay server isn’t eating the Date, but I never noticed this problem with any other service im running through it. I’m also not sure, who is officially supposed to add the date to the header - is it the application or the first server to receive the mail?

Can anyone else confirm this issue?

Thanks and best wishes

Ideally, there should be a Date field - Vertical Backup (version of Duplicacy for ESXi) fills in the date but, definitely, it’s missing with Duplicacy’s Web Edition.

I use Thunderbird too, but in this instance, I think the date is abstracted from my mail server’s Delivery-date field. And it’s IMAP anyway, so it doesn’t matter when I fetch mail, though I can imagine it being different with POP3.

I’ll add the Date header in the next release.

Cool thanks! In the meantime I also convinced my postfix relay to add missing headers. That’s disabled by default since postfix 2.6.