Number of files stat in revision differs between first mention and last mention in log

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but when running the following CLI command, the number of files stat at the start in the log is different to the number of files stat at the end of the log. The stat at the beginning doesn’t include zero byte files, while the stat at the end does include zero byte files.

Is this normal behaviour, and why are zero byte files not included in first stat ?

As an example, running the following command

duplicacy list -r 1 -files > r:\duplicacy_log_output.txt

generates a log file with the third line in the log file as

2022-07-27 00:26:47.231 INFO SNAPSHOT_STATS Files: 199780

and the last line as

2022-07-27 00:26:47.881 INFO SNAPSHOT_STATS Files: 210315, total size: 154461115190, file chunks: 30194, metadata chunks: 15

The difference between the two stats: 210315 - 199780 = 10535, which is the number of zero byte files in the revision.