Offsite backup methodology


Happy Friday folks!

Started using Duplicacy and love it, great software! I just have a few questions, mostly relating around backing up a NAS (including Duplicacy backup files) to an off site destination.

  1. I came across a thread that mentioned the compression level options were taken out in a later version of Duplicacy, but it’s never mentioned whether turning it off is still an option - is it?

  2. The reason why I wish to do this, is that I’d like to turn off lz4 compression in Duplicacy, and enable it on Freenas to see what kind of difference there is. Would this work?

  3. The reason why I’d like to enable it on freenas instead is that I’d like another offsite backup program to use a more expensive compression algorithm to backup offsite over a horribly slow connection, to hopefully improve throughput. Are their any issues with using another backup software to backup the Duplicacy backup files?

The reason for these questions is that using a different program for offsite backups protects against any bug being introduced into Duplicacy which could corrupt backups for any reason. Not anything against Duplicacy or the devs, just good redundancy practice in case the worst should happen.

Many thanks for your help!


Welcome to the forum!

It always helps to quote or link to the topic you are talking about…

Regarding your questions, I’m not an expert in these but have you tried searching the forum for “lz4” for example? Your answers might already be there…


Currently lz4 is the only supported compression algorithm and it is not possible to turn it off. I’ll reintroduce zlib back (with levels 0-9) in the next update.