On check: Failed to decrypt the chunk <hash> cipher: message authentication failed; retrying

I ran a duplicacy check -tabular -files and got this error both times when I ran it.

I’m on 2.0.10 on Ubuntu 16.04 using google drive. It’s possible I may have killed duplicacy task while uploading, is it possible google drive kept the file?

Any way to manually check this chunk? I see the file in google drive.

And since the data hasn’t changed, I assume the process is to just delete the chunk and re-backup? Or is there a better process?

What if the this was an old chunk and there have been revisions since then?

I don’t think Google Drive would keep an incomplete file from an aborted upload. I ran a test a few times and all chunks were complete despite of frequent interrupts.

You need to change the repository id to make Duplicacy reupload the chunk after deleting the chunk. Otherwise, Duplicacy would assume this chunk exists because it is referenced by the last backup. To change the repository id,
you can manually edit the .duplicacy/preferences file.

Or if this is your initial backup, you can simply remove the snapshot file under snapshots in Google Drive.

Please make a copy of the chunk before deleting it. Then you can make a comparison after reuploading the chunk to find out the cause.