OneDrive Business support?


I have checked the documentation for backing up to OneDrive and as long as I use the link to create the token for my private account everything seems to run just fine.

My problem is that I have 1TB of OneDrive Business storage that I cannot use right now.
My login data is not recognized as valid Microsoft account as the page redirects to and not to the Office 365 portal.

Did anyone successfully integrate the Business OneDrive as well?

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Hi, and welcome the forum! Have you tried searching the forum for “onedrive business”?

Hi Christoph,

Thank you for your reply.
I have searched the forum but did not find any information how to do that. The only post was three days ago from @cVillabrille where he mentions OneDrive business as location.

There are multiple topics about this: Search results for 'onedrive business' - Duplicacy Forum
which say that onedrive business is not currently supported.

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Yes, and that lack of support for OneDrive Business is too bad for us. T_T