OneDrive for Business support

The support for OneDrive for Business has been added by Add support for OneDrive for Business · gilbertchen/duplicacy@d26ffe2 · GitHub

The use the new backend, specify the storage url in the format of odb://path/to/storage. You must first obtain a token file by visiting OneDrive for Duplicacy.

Currently you’ll need to compile your own binary from the latest source to use this backend. I can provide pre-built binaries on request.


Fantastic, would love to see this in the docker web ui

@gchen any update on GUI version of this for the docker? Specifically for unRAID?

This feature was included in the 1.3.0 release – if you running the latest version on unRAID you should be able to add a OneDrive for Business storage.

Thanks @gchen where can I find the release notes/posts for versions?

Here is the release notes for 1.3.0: Duplicacy Web Edition 1.3.0 is available

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