Option to exclude log messages

Add an option to exclude log messages with certain IDs when sending email notifications

What exactly do we put in that field? Is it the name of the logfile(s)? This is definitely something I’m interested in, but it’s not obvious from “excluded logs” field name under email notifications.


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It is the third field of a log message. For example, in the following log message, REPOSITORY_SET is the log id.

2020-02-16 23:18:02.367 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to /Users/gchen/AcrosyncTest/repository

So if you put REPOSITORY_SET in to the exclude log input, this log message will not be included in the email.

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Can we excluded multiple items? such as both CHUNK_UPLOAD and LIST_ENTRIES? With a space between or comma or something else? I think all I want in the email is the INFO entries, which means excluding all the TRACE and DEBUG messages one by one.

Yes, you can enter multiple log ids separated by spaces.

is it possibly to create a new ID for the snappy little table that gets created at the end of SNAPSHOT_CHECK? I’d like to exclude SNAPSHOT_EXIST, SNAPSHOT_COPY and SNAPSHOT_CHECK but I’d really like to keep the table.

also is it possible to generate the emails with a monospace font for easy reading?