Option to show progress in bits rather than bytes

It would be really nice to have the option to display data rate in bits rather than bytes (e.g. 5Mbps rather than 0.625MB/s). I really struggle to conceptualize byte data rates for WAN uploads, (which are commonly advertised in bits speeds).

Rclone has the below option which would be perfect:

--stats-unit string                    Show data rate in stats as either 'bits' or 'bytes'/s (default "bytes")
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Those data rates are logical not physical, meaning they are not the raw network speeds, but rather the actual data transfer speed after taking all things into account, such as deduplication and compression.

Because of that I think bps rates are less useful.

Hmm, tricky. I can see your point. In the case of a highly deduplicated file, the transfer speed would go well above line rate. I still think it might be useful though, at least initially, to check the backup is using all the bandwidth it should be.