Out of memory on new QNAP


On a new QNAP TS-233, I selected of the /share folders, hit backup, it started indexing and then gave this error in the system logs sometime later:

Warning 2022-05-29 22:04:49 System Hardware Status Kernel [Hardware Status] NAS out of memory. Started kill process: 7169 “duplicacy_linux”. Disable some applications to free up memory, or expand the system memory.

Please advise.


Duplicacy uses quite a bit of ram.

You have three options:

  1. Add ram to your nas. Not really an option for that model of QNAS.
  2. Don’t run duplicacy directly on the nas (this would be my first choice: even if you had enough ram there, using that ram by anything but the filesystem caches will adversely affect primary job of your nas — being a responsive storage appliance). 2Gb is barely enough to run the system and a tiny cache.
  3. Wait for the memory optimization change to be released, but it is not a guarantee that it will solve the problem for you, in fact, likely it won’t.

In summary — my advice would be to not run apps, let alone duplicacy, on a storage appliance with non upgradable 2GB of ram. Access data on your NAS over network, from another host, correctly sized for the performance.

Try breaking up the backup into smaller jobs - you can always change your mind later, and group files differently. The less number of files that need backing up, the less memory, although it’s still not guaranteed. Pick a subdirectory and see if it get through it.