Ownership and permissions not restored on Windows

On Windows 10, upon restore the following information is not preserved for all files and folders:

  • Owner
  • Permissions attributes for owner, as well as for all other accounts
  • The hidden attribute

The read-only attribute is, however, preserved.

I can’t find any information about the expected behavior in the documentation. Is this information expected to be preserved?

I am using command line version 2.2.1.
I have not specified the -ignore-owner option with the restore command.

Edit – Also, while modification time is preserved, creation time is not. I guess it’s debatable if this is the desired behavior.

  • Owner: Duplicacy saves the owner id and group id of each file, which sadly aren’t available
  • Permissions: Duplicacy saves the standard linux/unix permissions. Only the writable bit is preserved on Windows
  • The hidden attribute: Duplicacy doesn’t check or restore this attribute.