Parallel backup to few destination it is possible in web version?



Any way to start backup to few destinations at the same time in one job ? For example to local external drive and Wasabi cloud. I understand that Wasabi much slower than local disk and the total backup time will increase.
Or is it better to do separate tasks for this?


I think you have 2 options:

option 1: backup to local, copy to wasabi afterwards (bonus: you have the exact same backups on both storages)
option 2: backup to local, backup to wasabi (drawback: since there is a time difference between the 1st and 2nd backup, you may not have the exact same version of files, if some are modified in betwen the backups)

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Since not even the CLI can do that, i don’t think web-ui would be able to.


Synchronization of one archive with others is potentially unsafe. If errors occur in the main archive, they are automatically transferred to the copies

I better make backups with separate jobs )


This is highly unlikely.

When copying from one storage to another, Duplicacy decrypts chunks from the source storage and re-encrypts to the destination. If any of those chunks were corrupted, that process should fail, and the user finds out it failed.

There may be some failure modes, but I don’t see copying being any worse than two different backup jobs. Even so, you should always test storages by doing restores.


Thank you.
Ok, i think copy option will take about the same time as a separate backup. Easier to add another task for backup