Password lost (web edition)

Hi there,

I uploaded about 4TB of my NAS using Duplicacy to a remote storage. Now I figured out, that inside the encryption password wasa mistake - maybe copy/paste or a typing mistake. All in all I have one running Duplicacy solution where I can access these files.

As I only have about 5MB/s upload I would like to avoid uploading it again. So my question is:

I would love to let a server which is hosted inside data center to transfer thefiles from the old storage to a new one which has set the correct encryption password. If I understood correct this could be done by adding old and new storage, make the new one copy compatible (but with another password), and start a copy job. But to do so I would need the olf storage inside my duplicacy on my server. So the question is: is there any way to do so? Maybe to transfer config files or to extract the password from my NAS system?

Would be great if there is any way!

Ok I think I finally got it, but maybe someone can tell me if this is going to work:

I created a docker container of duplicacy-web. As config path I copied the config files from my nas. Then I started it and it seem to have a working connection to the storage including the encryption password. Then I set up another storage (new folder) with a different encryption password and startet a copy job.

You can run the web GUI with a -print-credentials option, which will print out storage credentials/password when a command is being excuted.