Permanent backup/snapshot ids and revisions

Add the capability to mark specific revisions or an entire backup/snapshot id as “permanent” to prevent them from being affected by prune commands.

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Better still, save a retention policy, including a “never prune” policy, in the storage for each snapshot id. That way, a simple prune -all command would do the job. I now have to run 10 prune commands on individual snapshot ids to prevent pruning my four archival snapshots, which is inefficient and error-prone.

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I can add an -exclude option to not prune backups with certain ids.

That would help, but only a little. I have five snapshots I prune with -keep 0:365 -keep 7:90 -keep 1:7, five with -keep 30:365 -keep 7:90 -keep 1:7, and four “archive” snapshots that should never be pruned. Using an -exclude option, I’d still need to run five prunes on individual storage ids with -keep 0:365 -keep 7:90 -keep 1:7 and one prune -a -keep 30:365 -keep 7:90 -keep 1:7, reducing the number of prunes from 10 to 6, correct?

Isn’t there a significant amount of i/o each prune repeats that would be saved if a single prune could be used? If so, the ability to specify multiple -id options would help further. (As I posted in Specify multiple -id options for copy and prune commands?, the CLI currently doesn’t return an error if multiple -id options are specified.)

And there’s still the risk of accidentally running a prune without the -exclude options needed to protect the “archive” snapshots.