Permissions question

just using Duplicacy in Unraid. Doing some test restores and when i restore some files into a directory on unraid (not the original location) i can’t access them, windows explorer says I don’t have permission. I don’t want to restore to the original location and overwrite my source files for testing. Any ideas?

When restoring, you could use the flag -ignore-owner and see if that works.
Ref: Restore command details

You can also try to use the ‘fix permissions’ on the restored files in unRAID’s Tools section: Docker Safe New Perms.

hey guys, sort of an update. I actually had some files i needed to recover today.

I tried with Duplicacy but it still had permission issues restoring back to a different Unraid folder, even with the -ignore-owner flag. I was able to mount my rclone on onedrive and copy the files back.

I ended up trying what Derek said and ran the Unraid fix file permissions on the share that i recovered the Duplicacy files to and now i can access the files perfectly.

This is the Unraid script that fixes everything.

processing /mnt/user/temp
... chmod -R u-x,go-rwx,go+u,ugo+X /mnt/user/temp
... chown -R nobody:users /mnt/user/temp
... sync

any way to figure out what is going on? in windows how can i figure out what permissions Duplicacy is giving to the restored files and how to fix it?

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