Personal License Renewel

I have installed DuplicaCy a couple of month ago, seems like I have to renew the personal license, but to get it I have to pay 20$ and insert my Credit Card information is there another way to get the personal license


PM me the number of licenses/years and I’ll send you a paypal invoice.

Good day,
I’d like to have the free personal license, it is for my home computer, I don’t know if the paypal invoice is suitable for this option, but you should have the last word about this after all you are part of the team.

Hi Fabe,
The command line version (CLI) is free for personal use. The download link can be found on the Duplicacy website:

The GUI version is not free. More info: Duplicacy
(The GUI version is free for restore but not for backup)

The CLI will allow you to perform all required operations, though perhaps not as easily as in a GUI.

For examples on how to use CLI: Duplicacy quick-start (CLI)

(Please forgive me if this was out of line!)


My bad I thought the webui was free as the cli and only the standalone gui was avaible as a paid plan.