Plans for a Linux GUI



I too am very interested in a Linux GUI version. I hope you find a way to get one out this summer!


I just purchased a personal license without realizing there is no GUI for linux. If a GUI is currently near completion, I’ll keep the license. Otherwise, I’d like a refund.


The new version of UI will be a web UI which will support all OSes.
Here’s a quick preview: Screenshots of the new web-based GUI.

More details about the timeline can only be supplied by @gchen.


My new estimate is the end of October. Sorry for pushing back the date again, but this time it is close and I think it should take less than a month to finish what is left, so the end of October is a very conservative estimate.

@weyman.martin If you want to get a refund please message me.


Any status update for us Linux people?


I should make a beta testing version available next week. This is a hard deadline so even if some features are missing I’ll still release it.

Currently backup, copy, check, and prune are working; restore is yet to be done but it is more of a UI task. The rest that needs to be done includes the dashboard page (which should be fairly easy) and the email notifications.


I also look forward to a Linux GUI, I am just starting out using Duplicacy for my backups, but I find the configuration and setup to be less intuitive with respect to, say, restic.


With moving from CrashPlan to Wasabi, I was excited to snag a license and start using Duplicacy for all kinds of backups; local, NAS and S3, but I couldn’t for the life of me find the GUI version for Linux. Then I came to the hard realization (on my own) that there isn’t a GUI for Linux. So I tried the web-GUI but, once I got a backup set up and scheduled (just local folder to NAS folder), nothing happened. I ran it manually and nothing. So I’m baffled.

Does the web-GUI need the CLI version installed previously so it can use it on the back-end or is it a complete product on it’s own? Also, I saw Duplicati was using Mono to package it’s Linux version. While Mono is bulky, it’s a solution to a GUI. That got me wondering, is there any reason a Linux user couldn’t use the Windows version with WINE in Linux?


Right now the web version is still in beta. Give it a little more time and will work.

The web version doesn’t need anything installed as it downloads the latest CLI release from github on the first run, as long as it has internet access and write access to your home directory (where it creates some hidden .duplicacy-web folder – i might be wrong with the name)


I’ll be releasing a new beta version of the web GUI next week which will be close to the final release.


I’m also looking forward to a Linux or web GUI version, as I just bought a license for my Linux box without understanding that there wasn’t… actually a GUI version for Linux at all. Happy to donate to development, but I was a bit surprised!


You can test and give feedback of the new web gui @ Duplicacy Web Edition 0.2.10 Beta is now available