Plans for a Linux GUI



I too am very interested in a Linux GUI version. I hope you find a way to get one out this summer!


I just purchased a personal license without realizing there is no GUI for linux. If a GUI is currently near completion, I’ll keep the license. Otherwise, I’d like a refund.


The new version of UI will be a web UI which will support all OSes.
Here’s a quick preview: Screenshots of the new web-based GUI.

More details about the timeline can only be supplied by @gchen.


My new estimate is the end of October. Sorry for pushing back the date again, but this time it is close and I think it should take less than a month to finish what is left, so the end of October is a very conservative estimate.

@weyman.martin If you want to get a refund please message me.


Any status update for us Linux people?


I should make a beta testing version available next week. This is a hard deadline so even if some features are missing I’ll still release it.

Currently backup, copy, check, and prune are working; restore is yet to be done but it is more of a UI task. The rest that needs to be done includes the dashboard page (which should be fairly easy) and the email notifications.


I also look forward to a Linux GUI, I am just starting out using Duplicacy for my backups, but I find the configuration and setup to be less intuitive with respect to, say, restic.