Plans for a Linux GUI



This is the same bug as Setting up Duplicacy for a headless job on Linux

Basically you have DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS set but for some reason it isn’t working. Duplicacy should have handled this situation more gracefully but you can unset this variable as a workaround.

env | grep DUPLICACY

Shows no environment variables set so I don’t think this is the explanation, or, if it is the explanation, then I need more luser friendly explanation of what to do! TIA, Chris


try running


Before running duplicacy


The key thing was to realise that


wasn’t an installer but the program itself so needed to be renamed and moved to /usr/local/bin (as well as the chmod which I’d already done). I do still seem to need the


but I do now seem to have a backup initialising. Fingers crossed. I will stick with the CLI for now but will look out for the next iteration of the web-UI for linux and use that when it comes. Thanks for the help.

If I didn’t stupidly miss something obvious about the renaming then I think the web site for duplicacy could do with better documentation, perhaps particularly for linux.