Possible to restore an incomplete backup?

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I’ve searched for an answer and suspect that it’s not possible but here goes.

I’m working through a really messy backup problem that’s compounded over the years and over that time my systems have changed and it’s become fragmented and duplicated all over the place and under lockdown I’ve tried to fix it.

The problem I have is that I have a snapshot on a spinning disk that does not have a complete revision but I believe it has ~3TB of chunks from an incomplete backup. Unfortunately I don’t have the original drive where the backup originated so I can’t just resume the backup.

Is it possible to restore an incomplete backup, even if it’s partially corrupted or incomplete?


Dan Lawson

The metadata for incomplete backups are only stored locally as .duplicacy/incomplete. If you don’t have this file then it is almost impossible to recover files that have been uploaded.

Hi Gilbert, thanks for taking the time to respond.

I should have probably added in my original post that the initial backups were done using the Web GUI, so I believe I could still have the .duplicacy/incomplete, or is it very difficult even then?


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It is possible to convert .duplicacy/incomplete into a regular snapshot file but that requires some hacking into the source code.

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