Preventing Windows PC from sleeping while Duplicacy WebGUI backup process underway?

Was there any updates to the feature request in this thread? Prevent machine from sleeping during backup

When Duplicacy is running a backup from the WebGUI on my windows PC it will not prevent it from going to sleep after the windows configured period of inactivity. Is there a way to prevent this? Otherwise I will need to do some gymnastics with having Duplicacy put the PC to sleep once it is done and turn off the Windows sleep setting altogether. Not ideal though as I would like the machine to naturally go to sleep at other times without me having to manually do it.

Thanks for the advice.

Bump. Any ideas? Perhaps if there is no built-in way to do this in Duplicacy GUI there is some sort of workaround that has proved useful?

Thank you.

Oh, of course there are workarounds. But the right thing to do is of course for duplicacy web to manage that internally, which i understand your request was about.


One way is to switch power profile to the one with sleep disabled when duplicacy starts and switch it back to original when it ends, in pre and post backup scripts.

Another — use PowerToys Awake utility for Windows | Microsoft Learn to watch duplicacy’s pid, from pre-backup script.

Yet another — don’t use web UI for backup and instead use Task Scheduler built in to OS to run Duplicacy CLI to perform the backup. Perhaps, from a separate temporary repository, not connected to web UI internal temporary repositories. There you can specify wake behavior and sleep prevention.
Does not it defeat the point of having web ui in the first place? Yes. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad approach :slight_smile:

For me, i use “Don"t Sleep” it works very well and many settings

Thanks very much for the advice @saspus and @AZERTY. It would be great if the Web UI had this “feature” but it is good to know the options for workarounds.

At the moment I am using a very blunt, unsophisticated method where I have set the sleep delay in Windows power settings to be longer than I think the backup process usually takes. Not ideal, but working ok.

I’ll look into your suggestions, particularly the PowerToys Awake utility as I would prefer to stick with the Web UI for simplicity if possible.

Thanks again.