Problem adding Wasabi EU in cli


I’m trying different cloud providers before deciding which one to use but I can’t get Wasabi Europe to work.

I got a trial account in eu-central, I made a bucket (lets pretend it is my-bucket) and I created a new access key.

I used this command to add:

duplicacy add -e wasabi_data asterix_home s3://

I’m asked for:
Enter S3 Access Key ID: (entered my generated key id)
Enter S3 Secret Access Key: (entered my generated access key)
Enter storage password for s3:// (made up my own password)

Then I get this:
Failed to download the configuration file from the storage: MissingRegion: could not find region configuration

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards

Maybe one of these works:





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Thanks @TheBestPessimist!

wasabi:// works as well as

Is there a difference? I want to sure that duplicacy is using the wasabi module and not the S3.

Wasabi is nominally compatible with AWS S3, but the copy-and-delete
method used for renaming objects creates additional expense under
Wasabi’s billing system. This module is a pass-through to the
existing S3 module for everything other than that one operation.

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They will both work, but you should use the wasabi:// one to take advantage of Wasabi’s special rename API to reduce storage costs.