Problems with exclusion of symlinks

I am running duplicacy -log backupon c:

This is in my filters file:

e:Documents and Settings/

But I still get

2018-03-02 15:43:42.705 WARN LIST_LINK Failed to read the symlink: readlink C:\Documents and Settings: Access is denied.

What am I doing wrong?

It reads the symlink info before applying the exclude patterns, so if the symlink isn’t readable it will error out first.

Wouldn’t it make sense to apply the exclude patterns first and then read the symlink (if it still applies)?

Can you submit a github issue for this?

I have created one here:

Is this anywhere on the roadmap?

Or maybe I should ask why duplicacy can’t read this particular symlink (which, I believe, is part of every single Windows installation: C:\Documents and Settings/ ?

I think that happens because said folder is not accessible by anything, even when run as admin.

I believe that folder is kept just for historical reasons (as a symlink) for older programs. I have no written base for this, just my feeling about what a legacy app would need. I think that if whatever program tries to access that folder and gets this error, it will try in another folder instead of dying (or trying to create the path itself).

I’ll work on that after the web GUI is released.

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