Prune across snapshot ids

I have two storages (local and remote) where I copy snapshots from one to the other so I have remote:xxx-remote and remote:xxx (with xxx and xxx-remote being the snapshot IDs for the same repositories.

Is there a way to have one pruning rule, e.g. “keep 7:30” that keeps only one of either xxx or xxx-remote? (instead of for example keeping both xxx and xxx-remote for the same day, or within a week)

I’ve read that using different IDs and “syncing” storages that way is the best way, but I’d be open for other recommendations that reduce snapshot duplication.

There is no such rule. However, if xxx and xxx-remote are backups of the same repository I think they should use the same snapshot ID.

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Somehwere on this forum I read that it’s not recommended to use the same snapshot ID, at least not if one syncs the snapshots across storages. IIRC the reason is that the snapshot numbers (across both storages) won’t be monotonically increasing wrt time.