Prune by backup, not by storage

I have three storages, named B2, ONE and GD. To each storage I upload backup named DATA, DOCS and CCTV every day. First two are set of small files, which I would love to storage for 5+ years, however CCTV due to being my home surveillance feed is quite huge and needs to be purged so it’s not older than 30 days.

I’m trying to schedule a prune job in GUI, however it seems to be possible to prune entire B2, ONE or GD storage instead of prune CCTV backup on [storage]. Am I missing something? Is it possible to have two different prune rules, specified by backup on storage, not by whole storage itself?

Thanks in advance for answer.

Yes, you can prune with different policies per individual snapshot ID within the same storage: only when -a flag is used will the prune command apply to all snapshot ids within the storage.

See more details here: Prune command details

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Thank you, I’ve got confused by different names. I assume correctly CLI snapshot is described as backup in GUI and that’s how I should specify optional arguments on prune job?

Yes, the snapshot id and the backup id refer to the same thing.

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