prune error message


While using the prune command I get the following error message:

Fossils from collection 1 can't be deleted because deletion criteria aren't met

And I was wondering about the reason for this error.
I can add that I “got” the fossils from “prune -exhaustive” command and I’m using backblaze B2 as a backup server.

BTW, is there a reason not to use the -exhaustive option every time I use prune?


That is not an error message. It wasn’t sure if those fossils can be safely removed because it may be referenced by some new backups. If you do another backup and run the prune command again they will likely be removed (unless you have multiple repositories backing up the same storage, in which case you’ll need to run at least one new backup from each repository for the criteria to be met). The design doc explains this two-step fossil collection algorithm: