Prune incomplete revision

I have a large binary volume file that was supposed to be filtered out, but I accidentally backed up a good 100GB of it with the cli. I killed the process, fixed the filter and started again.

Will these unwanted chunks still be part of a revision or will they be unreferenced? If they are part of the revision, will that be the same revision I am continuing now? Can I prune exhaustive to delete these unwanted chunks (unreferenced)? Should I prune before completing this revision?

edit: I am syncing for the first time on a new PC, but the repository is mostly the same as before and the old PC is gone. It seems that I should just prune exhaustive and start over on this machine. Does that seems like a good idea?

I would continue, and then, once done, run exhaustive prune, if you really want to get rid of those, and possible other, orphaned chunks