Prune question - maybe I have a misunderstanding

today I have noticed that if i have to do a restore from the latest revision (27) I only see one folder, if I use revision 26 can see more folders.

I use the following prune parameters: -keep 0:360 -keep 7:30 -keep 1:7 -keep 1:1 -a.
And this backup parameter: -threads 4
Is this the normal behavior?
And I have noticed that when I start the backup, Duplicacy takes as long as it would take to completely back up everything again.

Here are the latest backup, check and rune logs:

Thx for your help.

From your check, you can see that your revision 27 has only 3 files backed up, compared to ~15,000-16,000 files in the previous ones:

Your last revision backed up the repository almost empty, probably with only 3 files in the “p…” folder.

It looks like your last full backup is the revision 26, and that’s probably the one you want to restore.

thx for you reply.
I have a guess what might have gone wrong with the backup.
Yesterday I had to restart the host; the duplicacy container was probably up too quickly and not all mounts were available for the backup that night. So I guess only the paperless mount was there.
This would also explain why the backups, that I have started today again, take so long. As duplicacy checks all chunks now.

I think I must find a solution that docker have to wait until all mounts are mounted. It’s not so easy for a Linux noob like me :slight_smile: