Prune should keep the last backup in the specified period

I have been using duplicacy for a week now… It is absolutely amazing.
However, there is one thing I think should be handled differently: the behaviour of prune -keep ..
Say I run three backups a day and once every week I prune old backups with the following:

duplicacy prune -keep 1:2 -all

Duplicacy will keep one revision per day for revisions older than 2 days, fine. The problem is that the first backup for each day is kept and the later ones discarded.
I don’t understand why this is the default behaviour.
Wouldn’t it be better to keep the last one for each day?
It seems more reasonable to me, as it represent a more recent status of the repository.

Think the other way, I would argue that the first backup of a day captures more changes than the last backup of previous day.

But the point is, if you have to choose backups to prune, there is no absolute reason why some backups are more important than others, at least not in general cases.

Altho I agree with you in principle, for me when I want to go back to, say Jan 2’s work, remembering to instead go back to the first non-Jan 2 backup is a slight surprise.

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Well, in theory one backup should not be more important than another, but in reality I think they are.
If I run a second backup in a day, then probably it is because I did some changes which I would like to “commit”.
So I guess it is more likely to want the latest change in a repo.
Using a long enough period with keep surely helps though (say 1:7)