Prune to last n snapshots

I’m backing up several machines to my duplicacy repo but some of them somewhat sporadically. So far I’ve been pruning by date as per the prune documentation (-keep 0:200 -keep 30:60 -keep 7:10 -keep 1:3).

But for some machines I feel like it would be more suitable to simply keep, for instance, the last 3 snapshots, rather than consider when those snapshots were made. Is that possible? Or is that a feature request :slight_smile:


I agree it’s an interesting feature to have and I can understand need for it; some backup solutions implements that (HyperBackup is one example)

In the meantime you can script that yourself — get list of revisions and then prune all but last three. (prune command can take a list of revision numbers to prune)

The script is a good idea, thanks. Will add that to me todo list :slight_smile: