Pruning based on number of snapshots

Unsure if this is something that is already possible and I’m just too dense to see it or if its something that has been asked before…but I wondered if its possible to prune base on number of snapshots only, rather than age.

I’d not thought of this before until configuring a customers vSphere backups using Veeam in my day job, where I scratched my head as to why Veeam only allows retention based on number of restore points (snapshots in Duplicacy terms) for secondary copies…

But it then made sense that this was a safety feature where your second (or third) copy may not complete due to connectivity or other reasons so you don’t want a situation where those additional copies are removed (ie pruned) while no new backups are “coming in” so to speak.

Is such a thing possible with Duplicacy at the moment? Or is it something that is worth implementing (I would say yes, but that may just be me)?