Pruning question for minimal revision storage

I’m using duplicacy web UI on a server and have a question on pruning:

There is a specific backup directory that is a directory of backups itself that occurs every 3 days. So the directory would contain something like Backup/112522.tar.gz, Backup/112222.tar.gz and so forth. The server itself will remove older backup files and I don’t need to keep any duplicate/revisions for this directory. I’m trying to figure out how to set up pruning so that I don’t have a lot of unnecessary storage. I think my goal would be to just keep one copy of every file within this directory.

What would my prune settings to keep minimal number of snapshot revisions (as the files themselves are essentially revision snapshots)?

Also, would the -id “BackupXYZ” parameter be the appropriate format to limit this prune rule to only the “BackupXYZ” backup as named within the web UI backup section?

It looks like you need rclone in sync mode. Not duplicacy.

(When you find yourself creating a versioned backup of another backup — something has already gone wrong with the design).

In this scenario your server already creates unduplicatable unique blobs with the correct cadence. Copy them offsite as is. How would duplicacy help here?

Or, unpack every new archive, backup contents with duplicacy, and then implement prune on top. You will save a lot of space this way, but if the blobs are small — this would not matter.

Alternatively — run duplicacy on the server directly, to avoid extra step of compressing and decompressing blobs

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