QNAP files restored to a new location are inaccessible

I’m testing the QNAP qpkg for x86.

Files restored to a new location (in this case /share/homes/Keith/Downloads/Restored or Restored-ignore-owner instead of /share/homes/Keith) are inaccessible because of the “mask” setting on parent directories. This occurs with or without the -ignore-owner option.

Restored folders inaccessable.txt (5.1 KB)

I’ll look into this issue and the other issue about ACL tomorrow.

This commit should fix the ACL issue. I’m not sure if the restored directory being inaccessible was caused by the same bug, since I couldn’t reproduce it on my QNAP, but this commit may fix that too.

You can build a new CLI binary from the master branch if you know how to do that, and replace the existing one under /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/Duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/bin (it may be something other than MD0_DATA on your QNAP). I can get you a new CLI binary if you want.

Thanks. I’d appreciate a new CLI binary, but no rush. I’m still testing before migrating from CrashPlan (which doesn’t back up ACLs at all, BTW).

Does this affect backup of ACLs, or just restores?

Note that I initialized the storage and made initial snapshots with CLI version 2.4.1 before switching to the Web Edition qpkg – do I need to start over with Web Edition?