Question about copy

Does copy only upload changed files or does it upload the lot in one go?

Looking to backup locally to a USB drive then copy to gSuite once per week - I’ve not got the best upload speed at my location.

It’s a copy of the backup so it’ll match the size of the backup - the initial run will be large (it’s the entire dataset) and the subsequent runs incremental (only what changed.)

Re: your schedule, assume every daily backup results in 100MB of new data, so 7 days of backups means 700MB of new data.

If you run copy weekly it’ll upload 700MB/week.
If you run it daily it’ll upload 100MB/day or 700MB/week.


I get the point you’re making at the end, but I plan to upload only the latest revision (i.e. one weekly snapshot), I have a lot of large changing files (time machine!), so it won’t be quite 1:1. That’s okay for my usage, and cuts down on the amount I need to upload.